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Gazehound's Animal Communication News: March 2006

*March 2006

Keeping in touch with the animals....
and the people who love them


I know it's been a long while since I last sent out an issue of my newsletter, and to those who have been waiting and wondering, I apologize. "Life intervened", as they say, and time got away from me.

I've been mulling over what to write for some time, and even had an entire draft done of an article, but for some reason it just didn't feel quite right. Then, this evening, I happened across the following. Apparently I wrote it, though I don't remember doing so, or when, or under what circumstances, but for some reason I'm moved to share it with you in this issue.

I ride the silken thread
The spiral web of the universe

The universe is my home
and I her child

With each breeze that blows
The thread is plucked
and I vibrate


I cannot be separated
from all that is
For all that is
Is me

I grasp the strand
I touch the starlight
I feel the pulse of life
I smile

I will remember
That the universe is me
I will not forget
That I am made of starlight
And as the stars shine in the black night sky
So shine I

Joy is gentle
Not always leaping and bubbling
Sometimes soft and whispering
As the starlight

Happiness is mine
For it belongs to the universe
and the universe is me

I ride the silken thread

Sometimes, as we walk our walk, and get caught up in the day to day lives we live, much as I've been caught in recent months, we can lose our sense of connectedness. We can forget that we are a part of everything, and everything is part of us. Even those of us who "love nature" often do so as observers, forgetting from the sidelines that there are no sidelines. We ourselves are an essential part of the game.

I believe that as we strengthen our connections to our animal friends, we grow closer to the center of the web, more aware, more conscious that we can feel its vibrations just as surely as the spider feels the arrival of the fly, or the elephant feels the heartbeat of the earth through the soles of his feet. Often, it is our animals who are key teachers of this truth.

We are rather unique, we humans, and more privileged than we often realize, in one respect. We're one of the few animals who, of our own accord, choose to share our lives and dens with other species. This gives us such an opportunity to learn about that connectedness of all life, such a chance to really become a part of a new way of thinking. We have the golden chance to lay our own path alongside the paths of creatures so different, so unique, and yet in so many ways like us. By opening our minds and hearts to the animals who teach us, we are given a chance to step outside our own perspective, and witness how vast and wonderful the universe really is.

So when you look at your dog, your cat, your horse, your cockatiel, look with your heart open to the wonder of the relationship you share. You are both equal players in the game, traveling partners on the path of life, who have chosen to share a unique and amazing bond. Lay your hand upon your friend, and feel your connectedness to him. And then reach outward, far and far and farther, as you run your mind along the strand of life that takes you to the stars and beyond.

We all ride the silken thread together.



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When I asked Pree if she'd like to share anything this month, she thought she'd like to remind everyone that animals are multilingual. In addition to talking mind-to-mind with one another, including their human friends, they also communicate through sensory messages of sound, smell and touch, and through visual cues delivered by body language. Pree suggested that, though we know that everyone would love to learn more about animal communication, people remember that "telepathy" is only one of many "languages" animals speak, and -- to the animal -- no more or less important than any of the others.

Pree also mentioned that many things that people perceive as "problems" are actually often expressions of one of these other "languages". ("Scent marking", for example?) She suggests that when your animal friend is doing something that perplexes you, in addition to trying to figure out how to fix the problem (if there is one), it also helps to translate the message that goes along with it.

Pree's "tip" for today is to encourage people to study their animal friends and learn about "animal communication" on all levels.



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