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Gazehound's Creature Thoughts: July/August 2007


July/August 2007

Keeping in touch with the animals....
and the people who love them

Our Amazing Friends

Recently,  a news story has been circulating around the internet about a cat who lives in a nursing home,  knows when patients are about to pass away, and spends comforting time at their sides before they cross over.  The story went on to say that the cat has accompanied the deaths of many patients, sometimes giving alert to staff in time to call the family in, and bringing peace to those family members as they say goodbye.

The original story of Oscar the cat, at least the original as first forwarded to me, can be found at:


Within the day I'd received quite a few copies of this story, plus another version of Oscar's tale from the CNN website:


Once Oscar's story made the rounds, other "nursing home cats" surfaced as well, including this touching story of Buckwheat, which appeared in my inbox today, complete with video.


Of course, to those of us who truly know  our animal friends for who they are, cats like Buckwheat and Oscar come as no surprise.  Stories have abounded through time of animals who exhibit an inner knowing,  and a desire to be caretakers for humans in need.  That knowing does not only center around pending death, of course, but many animals also sense health issues and emotional strain, and will come to their human companions with comfort and healing energy.  Some  animals, such as the amazing seizure alert dogs, are even trained as service animals for that very reason. This is something I have experience myself, in my own dogs and cats.

I'm sure just about everyone reading this newsletter can tell tales of how their animals know when they're hurting, ill, or upset, and offer their obvious help and comfort.  In fact, if you would like to share about your own wonderful pets, please visit the blog link at the bottom of this newsletter, and post your comments to this issue.  I would love to read them, and I'm sure others would as well.

Just what is this talent?  Is it intuition, telepathy, some kind of psychic knowing?  Or is it that animals have a much keener sense of smell, and ability to sense chemical and energetic changes in their companions?  My answer to that is, "Probably, yes."  Just as telepathic communication is only one of many ways that animals exchange their thoughts and feelings, I'm sure there are probably many different things animals pick up on when they respond to humans ... and other animals ... who require comforting.  What they sense, though it would be interesting to find out, really doesn't matter.  What truly matters is the obvious  love and caring these animals display as they offer themselves to those in need.  Animals like Oscar and Buckwheat are bringing to light the truth that you and I have always known.

Animals love.

Although I will not divulge identities here, I feel led to close this article by sharing about a beautiful pair of  dogs I had the privilege of talking to this past week.  Someone contacted me, because her friend's little dog was missing.  I spoke to the owner, a loving, caring mom who told me something about this dog that truly touched my heart.  This missing dog was not just the lady's beloved pet ... he was also the self-appointed guide for his elderly, blind and deaf canine companion.  In fact, she shared that one person who had sighted the dogs  told her that he'd seen the little guide dog take his blind friend by the fur and pull him out of the road to safety.  I had tears on my face as she explained how the people had been able to capture the blind dog, but his guide-dog companion had gotten away. 

My week was made complete this morning, when I received a joyous email that this little guardian angel had been found, safe and sound, and was back home with his family.

I leave you today with this joy, and with the knowing that each of your own animal friends is just as wonderful, just as special, and just as amazing.  Give them all a kiss for me.



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Pree is my "purr-massage cat".  I thought that she would be particularly interested in today's topic, due to her knack of always knowing "just where it hurts" and her ability to apply the "perfect purr" to the spot.  Pree shows me that it's "no big thing", really ... she finds that she doesn't have to think about how it feels, or what she's looking for.  She can  just tell that something is wrong, and the person's body will simply lead her to the right spot.  She shows me, by letting me "feel how it feels", that a cat's nerve endings are sensitive enough to detect minute changes in body temperature and energy, and their sense of smell acute enough to note when a spot is inflamed or receiving the body's healing attention.  She shows me, too, that it helps when the person and animal are already used to communicating in whatever form they've developed, partly because the "Ah, that feels good" response the person utters, whether verbally or silently, lets the animal know they've found just the right spot.

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