Monday, August 09, 2004


I've seen Blogs on the web for some time, and have often wondered if I could get use out of them. I decided to give them a try.

Anyone finding this Blog: I'm a middle aged housewife in upstate NY, mother of two wonderful human children, and also a professional Animal Communicator. Thus the title, Creature Thoughts (though I can't promise that other things won't be interspersed from time to time). If you wish to find out more about Animal Communication and my professional services, visit my website at -- all the information is there. Note that due to an injury in December, I'm not pet sitting any more. I'll be revamping my site in the hopefully near future.

I believe, and have experienced first hand, that our brothers and sisters of other species on this planet are intelligent and can communicate telepathically with us, if we only open up to them and trust. I've had the privilege of allowing other humans to become closer to their animal friends by providing an interface, a "translater" so to speak, between them and the animals. It's been a wonderful adventure, and the animals have taught me so much.

I may talk more about my own history and how animal communication found me here ... as well as many other thoughts and experiences surrounding my non-human companions and friends. Perhaps someone finding this Blog will discover that they, too, wish to talk to the animals.

Well, have to go talk to a kitty now....


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