Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Animal Communication Recommended Reading

Several people have requested that I add a Recommended Reading list post to the blog, so I thought I would do so for them. This list is also posted on my webpage, but I thought it would be good to duplicate it here for folks who find the site "through the back door", as it were. :-)

Kinship With All Life
by J Allen Boone
A marvelous account of a very special man and his most wonderful animal friends. A must-read for all people who are interested in animal communication, or simply in the relationship we have with our fellow travellers on this earth plane.

Communicating With Animals
by Arthur Myers
A great jump-on place to learn about interspecies communication. This book is especially good for the skeptical explorer, as the author himself was a skeptic when he began his research.

Talking With The Animals
by Patty Summers
A professional animal communicator tells the stories of many of the animals she has known and loved. A lovely journey through one person's life experiences that will touch your heart.

Animal Talk
by Penelope Smith
The definitive book on animal communication from a "how to" perspective, written by the foremost pioneer in the field. Penelope Smith is the standard by which many other communicators base their practices. This is the book you cannot miss if you think you would like to develop communication skills.

When Animals Speak
by Penelope Smith
A more advanced text that explores the deeper, spiritual, levels of interspecies communication. A wonderful book for those who have explored the basics and wish to be taken a step further on their journey.

The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals
by Carol Gurney
Reviewers call this book "down to earth and thorough", and I have to say I agree with them. I found it clear and easy to follow, and think anyone studying animal communication will benefit from reading it.

Species Link
a quarterly magazine by Anima Mundi, Inc. and Penelope Smith
"If you love animals and are open to the possibility of communicating with other species, if you desire to learn as much as you can about communication with animals or if you are a practitioner in this field, Species Link is vital for you!" You can find sample issues and ordering information on Penelope's website, above.

Penelope Smith's Basic Course
For decades, Penelope Smith has been at the head of the movement to teach animal communication to people who desire to connect at a soul-deep level with their animal companions. Her Basic Course has been the starting point for thousands. Now this wonderful course is offered on CD and can be purchased through her website.

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