Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Follow-Up to Pree's Moon Journey

Traci asked, in a comment to the most recent e-news issue, if Pree has shared any thoughts on her Moon Journey of years ago. Her story had been published in a 2004 issue of Penelope Smith's "Species Link" newsletter (which can be subscribed to through her website, For that article, I did ask Pree to comment on her journey. I'll post the entire text of the conversation here.

Pree's original Moon Journey story can be read on my website, Go to the Personal pages and then to the Essays. Her story is entitled "Moon Journey", and can be accessed through the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen.

Here is our follow up talk:

06 February 04: Talking with Pree
Pree came to me this morning, as I was in the kitchen and about to head in to do a session with a client’s kitty (who is also currently “gone walkabout”). She jumped to my lap and said she was aware that I wanted to talk about her journey, and she was ready to do so. I let her know that as soon as I was done with my scheduled session, we’d talk. She was pleased. After my session was done, I came out to the living room and sat on the sofa, and had no sooner settled than Pree rounded the corner and hopped into my lap.

I asked what she could remember about her journey.

She said she remembers that the moon was out there, bright, beckoning. She thought she saw creatures of moonlight in the woods ... She showed me an image of a unicorn. Surprised, I asked if she’d actually seen a unicorn, and she said no, she didn’t think so, but that is how it felt. The shapes and images the moon was creating felt that magical, and she knew that the moon was calling to her, to teach her something important. So she tore through the screen and followed.

Once out in the wild, though, most of the time her thoughts were taken up by survival. One of the first things that happened was that she was chased by -- or at least thought it was chasing her -- a large owl. The storm that came the following day was terrifying, she wanted to go back, but couldn’t. She was hopelessly lost, turned about, and had no idea which direction was home; the storm had washed away any lingering traces of the path she had taken. She also somehow knew there was more “out there” that she needed to see, do, and experience.

I reminded her of how the one lady had been so sure she was dead on the road, and asked her if she thinks she had actually died.

She told me she wasn’t sure specifically about “death”, but does remember a sense of being “separated” from herself, of drifting out of conscious thought the awareness of a great, vast sense of being. She said she thought there was an eagle watching her, high, high above her, too high to approach. Her sense is that the eagle was keeping her from wandering too far from her body, but she could never get close enough to really see or talk to the eagle.

She remembers the dog that was there to chase her under the porch, and how he agreed to draw as much attention to her as he could. Once her body woke up, she knew it was time to get back home, and that was all she could think of. She wanted her Mom. The dog helped, he did a good job, and together they made sure her Mom came to get her.

I asked her what she learned while she was out wandering, what she thought the purpose of the journey was.

Her first response, with a chuckle: “That there’s no place like home.” (We laughed together.)

She said, though, that that really was part of it, and it’s why she’s never so much as looked at an open door or been tempted to go through the window again since. Some animals come into this world to fully and entirely experience the bond with other species’. Wild creatures, those who struggle daily to survive, move in celebration of their own species bonds, and those arrangements and love relationships they make with the predators and prey that interact with them. Other animals come to be farm animals or service animals and explore those specific incredible bonds with humanity as a part of their earthly walk. And some come to be household companions, friends, teachers, and spiritual guides for the people they are destined to love. Since she has come home, the depth of that relationship with the humans and other species within her household has grown to incredible depths and heights, and she believes that she needed to wander, experience danger, and starve to the doorstep of depth (“Bugs don’t taste very good! I’m not a very good hunter -- [laughing] -- so much for the myth that all cats are the ultimate predator!”) to fully understand and experience that bond. She has become a better teacher, better friend, better healer.... She has been privileged to work with me, as well as with other humans, in helping people and animals to strengthen the bond and understanding between them. She has done healing work and been an anchor and support for me, as well as doing much work on her own, in a way that she doesn’t think would have been possible without having experienced her journey.

I ask if she thinks that part of the reason for her journey was to help me along on my path as an animal communicator.

She says, “Of course. We all come together to help one another along our paths. Some of us just do it more dramatically than others.” [laughing] As far as how her journey affected me, Pree believes that perhaps, in part, I needed a true, inarguable miracle in my life at that moment to prove beyond doubt those things my heart hoped and tried very hard to trust were true.

Pree is and shall always be my true, inarguable miracle.


Traci said...

thank you so much for sharing that. it's facinating and yes, truly a miracle.

I thought of your newsletter today, while on my way home from a work. A little squirrel ran out in front of me. I quickly braked and stopped and the little guy kept on going, safe under a parked car and then up a tree. After breathing a sigh of relief, I chuckled and thought how nice it would be to have Gayles gift so I could tell the squirrels to stop doing that! Then I remembered your 'heart stopping' drives with the deer racing frantically towards you only to stop at the edge and thought 'hmm, maybe not!' ...there's many more squirrels in trees than deer in woods!!

Gayze said...

Thanks, Traci! I'm glad you enjoyed the follow up on Pree's story.

I do believe that everyone has the ability to communicate telepathically -- it's more a matter of trusting oneself and practice than a "gift". It does come easier to some than to others, but I think that has a lot to do with self confidence. Remember, too, that there was a fairly easy solution to the deer "greeting committee" problem. :-)