Thursday, October 06, 2005

Reminder, and something new and exciting!

Something exciting has come up, and since a large number of my list
members haven't yet had the chance to switch to the new server, I
thought I would load up the old one again, cross my fingers, and let
everyone know the good news.

Well known animal communicator Penelope Smith has been working *very*
hard the past couple weeks setting up a very special prayer and healing
circle, the Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare. Please
visit the ACCAW central web page at
and read all about this very special group. The page is
self-explanatory, so I won't take up too much of your time here, but I'm
very excited about ACCAW and I'm sure many of you will be as well. I
have also added a new page, menu button, and links from my main animal
communication website at for everyone's use.

Also, please don't forget to visit and sign up for
the new server for this newsletter list. My little newsletter is my
main means of communication with all of you, and you'd be greatly missed
if I inadvertently left you behind! :-)

In addition to signing up via the website, you can also subscribe by
sending an email to and
following the instructions you receive in response.

"See you there!"



Gayle Nastasi
Animal Communication Consultant
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