Saturday, November 19, 2005

Holiday Gift Certificate Special

A Special Offer to Listmembers

Last year, I ran a special on gift certificates for the holiday season, which is back due to requests from various clients. This special runs through Christmas Eve. I offer gift certificates at the regular rate of $25.00 per session/certificate. However, from now until December 24th, anyone who purchases two certificates together will be able to order two for $45, or $2.50 off the price per session. Anyone who purchases three together will receive 3 for $60, lowering the cost per gift session to $20 each. Just drop me an email or give me a call if interested.

Do you know friends or family who might like to receive a gift certificate for an animal communication session as a gift? Or perhaps you might wish to buy several to put in your own animals' stockings. The certificates are normally good for six months from the purchase date, but for the holidays I will consider that to be December 25th, so any purchased through this offer will be usable until June 25th, 2006. Even though my fees will be changing slightly as of January 1st, gift certificates purchased now at the 2005 holiday rates will remain good till the summer expiration date.



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