Saturday, December 24, 2005

Gift Certificate Extensions

Gift Certificate Extensions*

I've had a number of people contact me with a couple of questions about
gift certificates, so I'm making some changes in hopes that it benefits
everyone who has purchased gift certificates.

1. I'm extending the offer for the Christmas special rate on gift
certificates to December 31st, so that people still want certificates,
can take advantage of the holiday offer.

2. I'm changing the time limit for redeeming gift certificates from six
months to a full year. I'll be changing the actual template I use, and
marking the website accordingly. Those who have already purchased gift
certificates, if they wish, can make a note on them or simply let the
recipients know ... I'll remember, as long as they read me the date/code
on the coupon. :-) This is a PERMANENT change, and applies not only to
certificates purchased through the holiday offer, but those that were
purchased within the last year as well.

3. If you bought gift certificates through last year's holiday (2004)
offer that have not been redeemed yet, let your gift recipients know
that I'll be honoring last year's gifts as well with a special
extension. 2004 gift certificate recipients can still contact me to set
up a time to claim their session, if they contact me before the end of
January 2006.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!



Gayle Nastasi
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