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Gazehound's Animal Communication News: March/April 2007

*March/April 2007*

Keeping in touch with the animals....
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A Final Act of Love

We have had another sad goodbye in our family.  On March 21, my sweet little girl dog, Dancer, passed through the veil.  She was fine one day, gone the next, or so it seemed ... though there was actually five days of decline where we struggled to help her and find out what was wrong.  It turned out to be a massive infection that was not responding to treatment, and her digestive tract was beginning to die.  We made the heart-breaking decision to help her "over the bridge" before her pain grew to agony.

I've so often helped others as they struggle with this decision, and I know from experience that almost every single time the decision is made not because the human needs it ... but at the animal's request.  At a time where emotions are running high, most loving pet owners are hearing their animals in their hearts, even when they don't realize it.  And yet, when it came time for me to make this same decision, I could hear my own voice echoing the voices of so many clients over the years ... "I don't know if I'm doing the right thing."

Dancer knew.  On the day she suddenly fell ill, before her symptoms were even accelerating, she told me and another communicator both that she wanted to "Go live with Nanny and Yoda", because she knew that what was happening to her body wasn't going to be fixable.  And yet even hearing her, even with confirmation, I struggled with the pain of this thought for five days.  Years ago, going through similar, I would be right now riddled with guilt and doubt.  Now, however, it is somewhat easier ... confirming words from both our vet and my animal communicator friend Janice let me know I was surely hearing Dancer's needs correctly.  The guilt is there, but minimal.  The doubt crops up on occasion but I can gently vanquish it.  I look back over the signs we were given, as gifts, the night before she passed ... the "phantom dog" barking in the yard for my husband, whom he said sounded just like Yoda, and the little slate colored junco that was trying to get in through our living room window, and my dear Yoda's star, Sirius, shining bright in the sky outside the window all night long just as it did when he passed away ... and find comfort in them.

Even with all of that, it's the hardest decision any pet owner ever has to make.

Dancer is okay, I know this.  She's free of pain and of an aging body, she's running faster and more gracefully than ever before, and she is for certain with Nanny and Yoda.  She's sent me signs ... such as the day she was barking at the back door to be let in -- I could hear her as clearly as if she were still in her body, and the barking didn't cease till I opened the door for her.  I'm sure she knew she could "let herself in", but found a pocket of energy to utilize, so that she could let me know without doubt that she's still around.  And we'll be okay, too.  Pascha, her gentle forever soul mate, is comforting himself by clinging to Kai, and their growing bond brings me quiet joy.  None of that will make us miss her less ... make the pain go away ... but we do find peace in those simple gifts.

I write this today to share these feelings with you, to reach out to all who have been through this loss, whether their animal friends passed on their own or needed help releasing their bodies.  Just as we all share the great love that being part of this vast animal family brings to us, we all share the great sorrow of the inevitable goodbyes.

A number of friends made donations in Dancer's memory to STOLA (the Saluki rescue group I volunteer my web design skills for).  You may view her memorial page, if you wish, by visiting and scrolling down the list to click on her name.  If you wish to donate to STOLA, there are links on the site, or you may also use my "AC for STOLA" program to pre-order an animal communication session and donate a small percentage to the rescue group.  In Dancer's honor, I am extending my special offer of $10 donation per session ordered until the end of April, 2007.  The page for that is:

Dancer passed on the first day of spring, leaping into the new life of spirit, as the earth passed the threshold of renewal.  How fitting, how pure, and how wonderful that was ... another source of comfort as I wander around here looking for her each day. 

I wish a joyous spring for all of you, without a hint of sadness, and great health and vitality for all of your animal friends.



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Pree reminds us that everyone in a family is affected by the passing of one of its members.  Throughout the process of Dancer's illness, I spoke to all of the animals, and encouraged them to spend some time with her.  Pree lets me know that they all appreciated that, and that they knew what was happening.  She replays for me scenes of the three cats, even Sasha (who isn't overly fond of canines), as they would rub against Dancer's feet where they hung over the edge of the sofa, and give her kisses.  Even though we were unable to bring Dancer's body home for them to see, the animals knew and, for the most part, accepted.  Of all, only Pascha continued to look for her for several days, asking each person who came through the door, "Did you find her?  Is she home?"  -- and it was not that he didn't know, it was that he didn't want to accept.  She encourages all who are going through a goodbye to remember that the non-human family members appreciate being part of the process, too. 

She sends all of you, and your four-legged friends, purrs for Spring.

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