Saturday, September 15, 2007

News, Thanks and a Reminder from Gayle

Hello, friends!

** First in importance, and in my heart ... Miss Pree would like to sincerely thank all who've inquired as to her health.  She is feeling much better, though we haven't totally resolved the situation yet.  It will be one of ongoing special diet and maintenance, and she hasn't quite returned to the proper balance yet.  However, she is "way more better" than she was last week, when she was a very sick little kitty.  She's leaping and laughing and playing and bossing the dogs around again now, as we continue to watch carefully and find what works best to bring her back to full equilibrium.  I can't express how deeply grateful we are for all of your caring emails and loving energy and prayers.

** If any of you are within driving distance of Middleburgh, and have next Saturday free, you might want to take a little drive to the Community Spiritualist Chapel's Psychic and Wellness Fair.  The information is as follows:

Sat. Sept. 22 from 1pm to 6pm

The Community Spiritualist Chapel
Corner of Main Street and Wells Avenue
(Landmarks: The white building on the corner where the churches have gathered, caddy-cornered across from the school and close to Stewart's.)

Please call Reverends Bob and Peggi at 518-827-6123 for more info.

There will be psychic readings and animal communication readings ($18 for 15 minutes; the Fair is a fund-raiser for the church), free healing sessions, Native American vendors from the TePee in Cherry Valley, and a door prize drawing.  Bring photos of loved ones and your pets, both living and in spirit, and a few pertinent question for the psychics.  There is also a gift shop on the premises.  In the evening following the fair there will be a seance ($8 per person). 

The fair will be a chance to meet some of you live, I hope, as yours truly is the animal communicator in attendance.  In addition, if I'm able to, I plan to attend the seance in the evening.  If so, it will be the first seance I've sat in on as a medium since the fall, so have patience with me.  ::smile::

I do hope we'll be seeing some of you there!

** Lastly, don't forget, my "Celebrating Autumn" special on gift certificates closes on the 23rd, next Sunday!  The special price is $65 for groups of 3 gift certificates.

I hope this little note finds everyone well!  Wishing you love, light and laughter,


-- Gayle P Nastasi
Animal Communication Consultant
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