Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday Thoughts, a special project

Happy Holidays to All!

I'll always be a child during the holiday season.  No matter how old I am, or how much I experience in "real life", I don't think I'll ever lose the sense of magic and wonder that this time of year brings to me.

Having suffered recent losses,  I find myself flooded with memories, and breaking out in teary-eyed smiles, a lot these days.  There are so many wonderful times in my past, and my firm belief that our loved ones stay "in touch" spiritually after the body passes on has been a great comfort to me.  Recently, I was watching a John Edward show in which a mom who had lost her little boy gave words of comfort to all who are missing someone crossed over:  "Always blessings, never losses."

The words sank profoundly to the depths of my heart, and they ring right in time with the holiday carols and the silver bells that jangle on the sidewalks.

Many of you knew my dear little Saluki girl, Dancer, and are aware that she passed in March.  I think of her every moment of the day, and this will be our first Christmas without her.  Memories of Dancer at Christmas time will always be a bright spot in my life, for she is one dog who really "got" the holidays.  She would lie on the couch, watching the lights blink on the tree, for hours on end, and the decorating itself was always a fascination for her.  When younger, Dancer wanted to be right in the mix while opening presents, though in her later years she was content to watch ... and wait, knowing that her own stocking would soon be pulled from the book case to reveal the goodies inside.

Do you have special holiday memories surrounding your pets?  Is there a wonderful story that will always stand out in your mind as part of your holiday cheer?  If so, please send them to me at  From now until Christmas Day, I would like to post, to this newsletter list, your own stories, so that you can share them with others who love their animal friends as much as you do.  I will use first name and pet name only in the introduction, unless you request to remain totally anonymous, and post your story exactly as written (other than to possibly run them through a spell checker -- so if you wish to remain anonymous remember that when you write the post ;-)  ).  The stories will be posted to this list, as well as preserved in time on my Creature Thoughts blog, so that you can go back and read them over and over if you like.

It will be my "Seasons Greetings" to all of you, and a chance for all of you to send good cheer to each other.

I wish you all Happy Holidays ... and Happy memories as well!


-- Gayle P Nastasi
Animal Communication Consultant
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