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Gazehound's Animal Communication News: May/June 2008

*May/June 2008

Sachet and her Sheep

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The Sheep Channel?

Sachet has a sheep(*). It looks very like her, with its gray face, ears and legs, big blue eyes, and creamy white body. And it thinks she's its mother.

Sachet is my eighteen year old lilac point "traditional" Siamese ... and the mother of both Pree, whom you all knew so well, and Sasha, our chocolate point boy who is still very much here in both spirit and body. Pree's body may be gone, but her spirit still blesses our lives, and I can't help wonder if she's found a way to communicate -- a rather humorous way -- with us and, especially, her mother.

The sheep, you see, talks. Normally, as with many talking stuffed toys, it only talks when you press a certain button on its body. In this case, the button is in its ear. When you squeeze the sheep's ear, it makes little cartoonish, well ... sheep sounds. You know, the various variations on "baa" that a toy sheep designer might come up with. There are perhaps six or so variations on the theme, which rotate when you squeeze the ear.

That is, most of us are required to squeeze the ear to get the sheep to talk. Sachet, however, only has to be near it. Quite frequently, all she has to do is walk in front of the sheep, and it will begin to talk to her. I've even caught it on a (very bad quality) video clip with my cellphone, just so I can prove to people I haven't totally lost my mind. When "in the mood", the sheep will continue to randomly produce its cute little sounds as long as Sachet is within a foot or so of its little stuffed body. When she walks away, it stops talking. When our other cat, Sasha, is near the sheep, or anyone else in the house, for that matter, the sheep remains silent.

The really interesting thing is that the sheep has been "in the family" for several years, and around Sachet as long, and it has just begun talking to her of its own volition since Pree died in January. Has Pree found a way to temporarily possess the Sheep? Is it channeling her? Has she simply found a way to activate that ear button when her mother is near the sheep? Or are we simply wishful-thinking, and there is actually a much more mundane reason for the sheep's random verbalizations when Sachet is near by?

I know what I think, how about you? (And no, Pree's not making any confessions from spirit so far ... which is most like Pree, after all. It's much more fun to keep us guessing.)

(* Technically, the "sheep" is a "Baa Baa", a character from the popular virtual pets website, Neopets.)




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