Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Other Sides of Me, The Crystal Pony, a novel

Okay, we can tell I'm not a blog veteran ... I decided to try posting one of my childrens' novels as a blog, and wound up doing it backward. Well, I posted it forward, which of course means it displays backward, thinking there would be a way to reverse the order of the posts, but I guess that was a bit of a faux pas on my part. And then, later, I discovered a help article about posting a blog in book format that I should have read before I started! It's fixed now ... and much easier to follow.

I've been writing, though not always actively or prolifically, for many years. The Crystal Pony was started while I was pregnant with my son, who is going on fifteen. It was drafted on an old Commodore 64 computer, with the help of an online writers critique forum -- which says a lot about how long I've been doing the online thing (Al Gore hadn't even invented the internet yet!) Yes, that makes the fact that I initially posted the chapters backward even more embarrassing, but I do hope someone enjoys the story anyway. It was previously posted on -- along with it's sequel (there are three, Wizard Prodigy being the third) The BondChildren. Sadly, FreeFiction appears to have disappeared ... I do need to try to track down its founder, who was in one of those early Pre-Internet writers forums with me, in fact. I'm a bit worried about her.

I'm not sure yet if the two sequels will find their way into blogs as well ... I suppose that will be decided if visitors read the first story and post comments that they'd like to see more. If not, well, it was a nice try, wasn't it?

The stories, as with much of my writing, have to do with a subject near and dear to my heart ... magic. In this case, the setting is a world where magic is the norm, though not all of my writing is like that. A lot of it has to do with finding magic in the mundane ... something I try to do in my day to day life.

I'll be posting here soon about magic and reality and the link between the two, in fact, though that will be a topic deserving of a post of its own. It's one I need time and focus to get started on ... else I may ramble on for days and my family will have to send the hounds into the ether to find me.

So ... soon. Read if you like, let me know if you like, and enjoy the winter weather, however presents itself to you ... or the summer weather if you're on the flipside! What better way to spend a winter day than curled up with a good blog?

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