Friday, January 07, 2005

Reality, Magic and Creative Thought

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Albert Einstein

"Reality is what you make it".

Quite a few years ago, my foot was set upon a path of discovery and exploration regarding the nature of reality. This probably, in truth, began with my birth or long before, but it was a cataclysmic event in my life which startled me to awareness and led me to realize, fully, that things might not be quite what they seem. This event was the death of a dog.

Yoda had been my best friend and constant companion for going on thirteen years, when liver cancer took his body from my life. Upon losing him, I thought for a brief while there that I would follow ... and indeed, had it not been for the fact that I had two young children who needed me.... But I went on, and gradually realized that Yoda was not gone at all. He had changed forms, and I missed his physical presence in my life every day ... and still do many years later. However, I could still hear him in my heart, and I gradually grew to know that his spirit was with me always; guiding me, teaching me, and being my friend. I do believe, whole-heartedly, that it was my acceptance of this realization which put me on the path to who I am today. It began my active exploration into spiritual things, including animal communication, and led me to a series of seemingly unconnected teachings that all pointed toward one central piece of wisdom.

Reality is what you make it.

In the dawning of this thought, as it was just beginning to truly form into something I could grasp hold of, I wrote an essay about my ponderings, which is still displayed on my website. Since that day the explorations have continued, deepened, and circled 'round again to bring me to a much more complete trust in the theory. Time and again I would embark upon a course of study or self improvement only to discover, at its center, that same single, simple and magnificent premise.

Everything we are, we do, we have and we experience begins first as a thought. And more profound still, the very physical nature of our world started as creative thought, a spark of imagination, a dream, that swirled and took form, and finally became manifest as something which could be experienced with the five senses.

The first leg of this journey into reality, I took alone. Ideas and concepts stirred half-formed in my mind, leading me to write that essay, to ponder the significance of what I thought I was seeing. I found a reflection of my thoughts in the words of teachers like Albert Einstein, but although I tried, it was difficult to make a real solid connection to what I was trying to comprehend. Then I became acquainted with the teachings of the Good Medicine Society, a Native American philosophy organization, and found, once again, that same idea woven among its wisdoms. This was the first time I experienced another person or group expounding, in more solid form, the very idea that had been plaguing me for several years. I was astounded ... not to mention comforted by the knowledge that I was in good company.

Then, a number of years ago, a friend introduced me to a book called The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity when she heard of our family's ongoing financial struggles. This book, by Rev Catherine Ponder, was an eye opener for me, primarily because as I read the first few pages of the books I realized (with a start): "there it was again". By this time, I was starting to get that "someone's trying to tell me something" feeling. I am certain I could feel Yoda's paw stirring the mix, see his dark eyes laughing in the starlight.

More recently, although I was introduced to the title of the book years before but had never read it, another friend encouraged me to read and apply the concepts in The Artist's Way. This book by Julia Cameron is geared toward artists, writers, and other followers of creative and artistic activities, but once again, the central concept behind the book is the same. Our reality is as we create it, and begins with the simple act of focused thought.

The concept evolved and deepened, and the exploration of this idea of how we create our own reality was interwoven here and there with my exploration of animal communication. And then, at a professional animal communicator's workshop at Spring Farm CARES, it was all "brought home".

The group was introduced to a book called Messages from Water, by a Dr Masaru Emoto. Dr Emoto is a Japanese scientist who began experimenting with and photographing microscopic water crystals. He would freeze the water in a certain way and then photograph the crystals which formed. He found that different water formed different crystals, and some -- primarily water that was "unhealthy" for some reason -- did not form crystals at all. What is more astounding, though, was his discovery that after speaking kind and healing words to this unhealthy water ... crystals would form.

Water could be healed by words, by thought.

Thoughts Changed Reality. And Dr Emoto had captured photographic proof.

My thoughts, my ideas, my explorations, my world were established. Confirmed. Energized. Turned upside down.

I'm far from the only person having this thought. And that makes it even more exciting. It's the Hundredth Monkey theory (1) in action, and I don't know if I was monkey number one hundred, or one hundred thousand, but with the help of Dr Emoto and his water crystal photos, the knowledge is spreading around the world. His first book, an accounting of his scientific research, became so popular that he published a follow-up. More recently, another book, The Hidden Messages in Water, which takes his photos and allows him to wrap his own philosophy around them, was published for the mainstream market. The story of Dr Emoto's water crystals has spread far enough to have been featured in a recent motion picture called What The Bleep Do We Know? by Captured Light Industries.

For centuries, the human race has been fascinated with the idea of magic ... the power to alter our reality. We have explored so many different ways to attempt to do this, from casting magic spells and mixing potions, to creating amazingly complicated works of technology. And yet, it is beginning to appear that the key to magic has been within our grasp all along.

I think, therefore I am.

"I think not!" said Descartes, who promptly disappeared.

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(1) The Hundredth Monkey theory comes from a tale of monkeys on an isolated island who were fed potatoes by some researchers. The potatoes were fresh from the soil and covered with dirt. One monkey caught on that he could take his potato to the water and wash it. Others began imitating him. Then suddenly, to the researcher's surprise, as the hundredth monkey on that island began washing his potato, all of the other monkeys on all of the other islands began washing their potatoes, too. The story illustrates how an idea, if enough people accept it, will become normal behavior for an entire race/species/population.

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