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Gazehound's Animal Communication News: November 2006

*November 2006

Keeping in touch with the animals....
and the people who love them

Spirit Animals

Today is Halloween. 

This year I've been running across "Halloween History" quite a bit, in articles, on radio, on television, and in casual conversation.  The origins of the holiday and traditions surrounding it are actually quite fascinating, having many of their roots in the ancient Celtic harvest ceremonies and celebrations in honor of loved ones who had passed into spirit.  They say that at this time of year the veil between the worlds is thin, and it's easier for those of us on the living-side to feel close to, and even contact, those who have crossed over.

I suppose it would be natural to look toward the other side during the fall, when the earth herself is moving toward rest, leaves are dying, the air is growing chill, and the hours of dark are overtaking the hours of light.  Autumn is a twilight time.

Whether it's because my friends in spirit are reaching out for me, or whether it's simply because I allow these beliefs to influence me, I do seem to find myself thinking of, and talking to, both people and animals who have passed more often at this season.  Those on the other side, also seem more eager to connect.  For me, it's a comfort to know that our relationships continue beyond death, and I cherish the opportunity to let my loved-ones-gone know how much I still love them.

In addition to such connections with the passed, I also find that spirit animals and totems tend to show up in my life more in the autumn.  Perhaps it's just that autumn is "my season", the time of year I feel most grounded and connected.  Or perhaps it is true that the veil between the worlds ... all of them ... thins.

Whenever I'm privileged to be visited by an animal unexpectedly, particularly species I don't often see, I try to ferret out what the spirit of that animal might be attempting to teach me.  Recently, two species have been placing themselves in my path, and have had me doing research on how their lessons can be applied helpfully to my life.  The first to show up, was Heron.  I was driving along a frequently traveled mountain road one day, and a Great Blue Heron was standing right at the side of the road.  He looked at me as I stopped the car, rolled down my window, and said hello.  Then he lifted gracefully, almost in slow motion, and flew up the road directly in front of my car.    It was quite a thrill to have him so close, guiding me, until he reached an open space near a pond and swerved toward the water.  The exact same thing happened again, not long after, and since I've seen Heron in quite a few places that I wouldn't have thought to look for him.

And then came the foxes.  Foxes are rarely seen around here; it's not because they're all that scarce, but they are masters of camouflage and secrecy, and they stay in the shadows, only to be seen when it's their will.  In the past week, after nearly seventeen years of never seeing a fox near our house, I've seen three.  My children and husband also enjoyed the visits from these amazing animals, and I still smile at the memory of the one who was "boinging" straight into the air in front of our house.  What beautiful creatures they are!  Fox is a definite teacher-spirit, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the research into what he represents.

So often, when an animal appears "out of the blue" like this, it is bringing a message that applies to something we humans are going through.  Whenever you are blessed by a visit from one of these wild children, I encourage you to search out what that visit might mean, and what lessons of life the animal often teaches.  Observing nature can teach us so very much about ourselves.

Some good sources of information on animal totems and the lessons they teach are:

Animal-Speak, by Ted Andrews (Llewellyn Publications, ISBN 0-87542-028-1)
Creature Teachers, by Grandmother Twylah Nitsch (Continuum, ISBN 0-8264-1023-5)
Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, by Jamie Sams and David Carson (St Martin's Press, ISBN 0-312-20491-4)

The above are
primarily Native American symbolism, though Andrews often includes information from other cultures as well.  There are also other sources, from other traditions and teachings, available.  Shop around for what feels right to you, and don't forget to check for websites that might apply.



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Miss Pree would like to thank everyone who sent such kind thoughts after my mention in the last newsletter that she hadn't been feeling well.  She's fine now, all cleared up, and back to her normal, sassy self!

She's been sitting in my lap, purring, the entire time I've been typing up this newsletter, patiently waiting for her turn to share.

Today, she says she would like to remind everyone that their animal friends are there as helpers, as well as companions.  Don't overlook how much good your pets can do for you, when you're troubled, worried, or indecisive about something.  Pree says that your animal friends would like to help when you have a problem, and if you sit quietly and talk to them, letting their soft fur or smooth hide comfort you, you might be surprised how much clearer the situation becomes.  Open up your heart to their love and their assistance, and often you will feel new wisdom come through that will help your situation, and your mood. 

That's what friends are for.

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