Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Holiday Special on Gift Certificates

Holiday Gift Certificate Special

Show of hands: who's started their holiday shopping?  (Okay, everyone who just said, "I'm all done", has to pay double.  ... Only kidding  ;-) ... ).

I've decided, this year, to get an early start on my gift certificate special, and to do a little something extra for everyone who subscribes to this list.

From today (October 17th) until midnight of December 31, 2006, I'm running an "Extra Special Holiday Special".  So whether you would like to give a loved one the gift of a chat with their animal friends, or you're just shopping for stocking stuffers for your own pets, I hope you'll be pleased by this offer!

  • Individual Holiday-Rate gift certificates are offered at $25.
  • If you buy two gift certificates, the price for both is $45.
  • And you can get three for $60!  That amounts to three full half-hour sessions for the price of two at my current rates.

Gift certificates are non-returnable, and they are valid for one full year from the purchase date (which, for the purpose of this special, will be dated Christmas Day, 2006).  Once payment is received, your gift certificates will be sent via email as a PDF attachment (Acrobat Reader required to open and print) unless otherwise requested, so be sure I have a correct e-dress for you.

Payment can be made via Paypal to allcreatures@gazehound.com, or money order or check to:

Gayle Nastasi
485 Gridley Rd
Middleburgh, NY  12122

Happy Shopping, and Happy Holidays (even if I'm a bit early -- but hey, I received my Christmas L.L. Bean catalog weeks ago!)


-- Gayle P Nastasi
Animal Communication Consultant
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