Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dogs that know when their owners are coming home

Hello, friends,

I received the following email this morning.  Although I have not checked out the validity of the information, other than by visiting the websites listed, it sounds like an interesting experiment, and I thought I would pass along the information to you, in case your own dogs might wish to participate in the study.   I have a copy of Dr. Sheldrake's book on the subject, and my own experiences certainly support his findings.  Sadly my own dog who always, unfailingly, knew the school bus was coming ten minutes before it arrived was Dancer, who passed away in March.

On the page that is listed first, with the previous research information, there is a link that you can click to nominate your dog for the study if interested.

At the least, I hope you enjoy the reading.  Have a great day!


-------- Original Message --------

Dear Gayle,  I found your email address via a link at  I am a parapsychologist and the senior editor for a new collaborative project called Open Source Science (  At OSS, we facilitate the discussion and replication of controversial scientific experiments that may contribute to an improved understanding of consciousness.  Right now we're looking at the research of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (a biologist and former fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University) on the phenomena of 'dogs that know when their owners are coming home'. Dr. Sheldrake's research suggests that dogs may have a link with their owners that is currently unexplained by science, and we'd like to look into this a little further.  I have summarized the previous research on the subject here:  We are looking for dogs who exhibit this behavior and dog owners who would be interested in participating.  Right now, we are assisting curious dog owners in conducting self-tests of their dog's behavior at home. Would you or anyone you know be interested in participating? If not, do you have suggestions on how we should go about finding dogs and/or collecting stories?  Thanks for your attention,  Annalisa Ventola  

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