Thursday, June 21, 2007

Toes has entered spirit

I wish to thank you all for your healing thoughts for Toes, Shellie's
very sick kitty. Toes passed away Tuesday afternoon, after going into a
decline that included seizures and other very serious symptoms. On a
subsequent visit to her vet, Shellie brought home a kitten, Shimmer, in
honor of Toes. Shimmer had been very ill, and is recovering; I feel in
my heart that this would please Toes -- Shimmer now has a good home and
help on his journey to perfect health.

The experts involved all are quite certain that it was the essential
oils which caused Toes' sudden illness and death. I know that many of
my animal friends are into natural health care, and many use essential
oils on themselves and their animals. I am hoping that Toes' story will
alert us all to the dangers involved.

I have seen many websites, experts on essential oil products and
aromatherapy, who exhort their use with pets. These well-meaning people
may be experts on essential oils, but they are not experts on cats.

Please remember Toes. One interesting aspect of this story is that
Toes' sister also received the product, and did not suffer ill effects
(as far as anyone can determine). The difference may be that Toes
licked the product from his or his sister's body and ingested it. The
difference may be that Toes was simply more sensitive to the oils.
Whatever caused Toes to react when his sister did not, though, the
potential is always there for any cat.

Essential oils have many wonderful uses. None of those uses should be
applied to cats.

Again, thanks to everyone who has emailed me, and who has been praying
for and sending energy to Toes. Please continue, that his adjustment to
spirit is a joyful one, and that his sister Pooh, his momma Shellie, and
his new little soul-sibling Shimmer, all find comfort and love together
in their journey onward.

Be blessed,

-- Gayle P Nastasi
Animal Communication Consultant
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