Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gazehound's Creature Thoughts (May 2009)

"Creature Thoughts"


May 2009


Keeping in touch with the animals....
and the people who love them


Ghost Pets, The Series

With the great popularity in recent years of television shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, and A Haunting ... okay, maybe not A Haunting, that one's way too scary ... I think Animal Planet should launch a new series called Ghost Pets. Judging by the number of stories I've heard recently about pets who continue to visit their humans after they've crossed over, I think it would be a huge hit.

We have had numerous passages in our family in the past few years, with six of our pets leaving their bodies. While the physical activity on the home-front has quieted considerably, and this is often very sad, the spirit activity has increased in kind.

Not long after Dancer passed in March of 2007, I heard her barking at the back door with her unmistakable “Hurry up, I want in NOW”. I frequently see her petite Saluki form as it walks through the house or curls up on the couch.

Pascha has been felt getting on the bed, and seen walking through the living room. I will frequently hear his insistent scratch on the back door – Pascha was always in a hurry once he decided he wanted to come inside and would jump against the door and rake his nails noisily down its surface. Often, early in the morning, I'll catch a quick glimpse of him in his favorite spot on the sofa as I enter the room.

I've seen Sachet, many times, as she strolls around the corner from the living room, into the kitchen, and disappears. She was so gleaming white in life, except for her lilac points, that there is no mistaking her even in ethereal form.

Pree, however, seems to be the most active visitor. For months after Pree passed away, Sachet would open her mouth to meow and Pree's scratchy voice would come out of it. I still see and sense her frequently, and often have to stop whatever I'm doing because I think I hear her unique call in another room. Our two Starlings, when they mimic a kitty, usually sound exactly like Pree – even though she passed away before they came to live with us.

The most amazing event occurred shortly after she died, when my husband got up in the middle of the night and, on coming back to bed, stopped to pet her where she stood on the counter by the sink.
When it finally registered to his sleepy mind that she had been gone for several days, she vanished.

And little Mavvy, our ten year old bunny who passed away just last month, often startles me as I enter the area where her cage still sits, and see her for just a split second, hopping playfully about as she always did when waiting for her breakfast.

In addition to the sounds and sightings, objects are moved from place to place without human intervention (or disappear all together for days on end), doors open and close, things fall over with no obvious cause, and the other animals will sometimes appear to be staring at something that (to my senses) simply isn't there.

I've had some folks say that it would be disconcerting to have continual spirit activity around them. I find it comforting. I miss my animal friends who have passed so deeply, that to believe that they are still visiting, watching over me, and enjoying the reactions they receive from this new form of interaction with their family, makes me smile. Whenever a door swings open without cause, or I hear that little gravelly voice of Pree behind me, I stop what I'm doing, and say hello.

Many friends have also told me about sightings and sounds of their beloved pets in spirit. The phenomenon is either increasing, or the Universe is simply bringing more and more people my way who wish to share these visitations with me. Do you have a spirit story you'd like to share?

To do so, please visit the archives blog of this newsletter at and leave a comment (you may be asked to enter your google account address or Open/Windows Live ID to post, but the site is completely secure and it is a simple process). I would love to hear from you.

Oh, and if this concept should suddenly appear on Animal Planet, let me know, quick! I'll need to claim “dibs”!



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C said...

I have to agree with you Gayle, I find any spiritual activity comforting. I love to think of my baby still hanging out in his favorite spots around the house and watching us. I have a couple of stories as well.

About 3-4 days after our boy Ripley left his body, he came to both my husband and myself in a dream visit. We both had almost the exact same dream and it wasn't until a couple days later that we realized this. I had a dream that Ripley was in our bathroom (a place he went often to lay at my feet and play while I got ready for the day). Ripley was playing with his brother Ike and I was just watching him. Then he looked me in the eye very intensely and faded away. My husband had the same dream. I know he was letting us know that he is okay and playing. My husband never remembers his dreams and he remembered this one vividly.

For the first few months after he left his body, we had a lot of activity. It is gone now, but that could be for other reasons. I caught glimpses of Ripley walking behind me into the bathroom, sitting on the sofa and walking into the kitchen. I have also felt him walk on the bed and lay on my legs. Ripley's brother Ike has also seen him. I have seen Ike jump a little and just stare at "nothing". Then Ike starts to run and play with what appears to be nothing. It was all very comforting. We haven't had these encounters in a year now, but I do believe I know why. Our new cat Reese has many of his brother's characteristics. Either Ripley is whispering in Reese's ear or. . . One never knows. . .


Jamie said...

Hi Gayle. I think my cat Heather who died 4 years ago at age 9 years after being sick for only a few days comes to visit me.

At first I only felt someone jump on the bed when none of my live cats were in the room. But last December my brother visited from out of town and took some photos of me with my dog Jamie and cat Katie. When I looked at the photos on the computer I was amused to see my other cat Benji quietly sitting on the floor next to Jamie. So I sent the photo to a couple Ragdoll groups and one person wrote to me privately to ask who the "other" cat was. When I studied the photo again I saw Heather's face very large between Benji and Jamie. In life she had been too scared to actually get near him, although she appeared to have long quiet conversations with him from the safety of a kitchen stool.

I now occasionally feel Heather's presence and I sometimes feel her jump on the bed. Since I don't see her, I just say hi to her.