Sunday, January 04, 2009

Gayle away Monday; farewell Sachet

Hello, Friends,

As many of you know, my dear little Sachet, 18 1/2 year old lilac point Siamese, has been struggling with kidney disease. I wish to thank those who have offered support, comfort, and advice as Sachet and I have dealt with her illness. I am sad to report that Sachet passed into spirit this morning ... but comforted that her passing was gentle, quiet, and she was in no discomfort or pain. She just fell asleep.

I will be taking tomorrow off just to give myself a chance to honor my emotions, but as Sachet has always been so supportive and enthusiastic about my connection with our many animal friends, I intend to return to scheduling appointments on Tuesday (1/6/09). I just wanted to let everyone know, and again, thank you all for your thoughts of comfort and support.


-- Gayle P Nastasi
Animal Communication Consultant
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