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Gazehound's Animal Communication News: January Extra 2009

*January Extra 2009

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Animal Teachers ... Higher Beings?

The Law of Attraction.  Autumn of 2006 heard many people asking, "Have you seen The Secret yet"?   I had, in fact, been exploring these concepts for years, as time after time they would fall in my path to be picked up and examined, and incorporated in various ways into my life.  The Secret, however, quickly became the introduction for many people into the ideas of The Law of Attraction (as they and many others have titled the concepts), and I do think of it as a very good beginning for a path of exploration that can bring people to some fascinating and beneficial discoveries.

I actually first discovered The Secret through a back door: the website of Mike Dooley
, one of the teachers interviewed by Rhonda Byrne for the film/book.  "Totally Unique Thoughts", Dooley's daily Notes from the Universe, and the idea that "Thoughts Become Things" can be explored via links from the website, if you're interested.  The movie and book also introduced me to a number of other teachers, whose work I've looked into with interest, incorporating bits of wisdom along the way.  As one step leads to the next, the teachers continue to gather, and there always seems to be more depth and detail waiting to be explored.

Mike Dooley, on his website and in his audio courses, mentions Jane Roberts and the Seth books as part of his inspiration, and I've heard them recommended by others as well.  Seth, a channeled being from a different dimension (to put it in very basic terms) is similar to the Abraham teachings as brought forth by Esther Hicks, which are popular with so many explorers today.  One thing that did catch my eye, and it was at this point that I became somewhat disenchanted with Seth (etc.), is a suggestion I've heard repeated by a number of the teachers whose works I've explored over the years.

That is: that non-human animals are by default on a lower spiritual plane than those of us who have chosen to live in human bodies.

As an animal communicator, I've certainly not found this to be the universal truth, at least as I have been able to interpret my own experiences.  In fact, some of the most poignant wisdom that has fallen across my path has been relayed to me through contact with my animal friends.  It's my own observation that animals are as marvelously varied in their spiritual paths as human beings are, and that it may be a mistake to always assume that just because a spirit has chosen a non-human animal form, that being is on a lower level of evolution.

I believe (and of course my beliefs are my own and not in any way to be imposed upon another) that each of us choses what form will best help our own development, and best touch the lives of those others with whom we've opted to travel.  Just for one example: one of the wisest souls who has blessed me with his company was my Saluki, Yoda ... and am ever grateful for his companionship and the wisdom he shared.  Had Yoda been a human being, I do not believe he would have touched my life so influentially, nor been able to as effectively help the many other people (and animals) who felt that they were better for having known him.  Does this mean that Yoda was a higher being?  Although I can't say for a certainty, of course, my heart has always felt that he was an advanced teacher.

Have you known animal teachers whom you felt were beings of advanced spiritual development?  Or do you feel, as many of the teachers of recent day believe, that animal souls have, by default, not yet reached the level that human beings have?

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